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Keep the good work going! Chorizo Bus, Uncle Lester and Luan Di.

Avani Rani - Big Hug n Best Always - Kans Mama n rest of Tashkent Tribe 🤔

Great Initiative Avani and I hope it progresses to its social objective. Wishing you and your team all the very best in this amazing effort!

My mother has a habit of scrunching her legs up on the chair while she eats on the table. I noticed my masi, her sister does the same. I was told both of them acquired this from my nani (their grandmother). My nani came from a wealthy family in Peshawar, and they moved to India during the partition. I remember my nani being a very kind woman, and she would spoil us every time we went to her house during our vacations. She would fold her legs, much like my mother does today, and I imagine that this started on some cot in Peshawar. This habit passed on from generation to generation, lost on me today, probably started somewhere on the other side of the border. My nana studied urdu as a third language when he was in Pakistan. He would later sometimes use it to write confidential letters. My nani couldn't read urdu and she would inquisitively ask him what he was writing. My mother would scold me as a young boy "Tum kis mithi ke bane ho?"