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A collaborative art space for young artists from India and Pakistan
The Pind Collective

The Pind Collective is a collaborative online art space founded in August 2016. It brings together young artists from India and Pakistan to give visibility to new art, connect young creators, and redefine the relationships and conversations that exist between our nations. For most young people in India and Pakistan, the other nation exists only in textbooks and state propaganda. The Pind Collective attempts to fill the gaps between people who are, in many senses, very much alike, asking that we take the time to listen, to share, and to find common ground.

MY story

I am a student of World Literature and a member of Somerville College. My work deals with alternative media and resistance writing, subjects that link closely with my work at the collective. In my studies, I deal with critical ideas of identity, voice and exchange. I ask how certain forms of expression come to be and how they can be used to more fully understand and articulate voices of resistance. The Pind Collective allows many of these ideas to translate to real world experience.

A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to travel to Pakistan, and to see for myself what it may mean to build relationships with young people with whom I had so much in common. The Pind Collective was born out of a desire to make this opportunity available to everybody, to open the doors of cross-border of exchange to young people everywhere. Currently , we have brought together a group of twenty talented artists from both nations ranging from visual artists and poets to dancers and film makers, examining not just what it means to speak across cultural distance but also across media. In a few short months, our project has connected with tens of thousands of people and ignited some valuable conversations about what it means to come of age in a frighteningly divided world. We are currently raising funds to organise joint exhibitions in New Delhi and Karachi, to commemorate seventy years of the partition of the subcontinent. As we look back on a significant moment in our shared history, we seek, also, to look ahead. By donating to our project, you will be helping us draw from an immensely painful history to create a vision for a future of empathy.

Where will the money go?

All of the funds raised through this campaign will go towards organising exhibitions in both nations in the coming months. We currently operate with the help of personal contributions and grants. We believe these exhibitions are an extremely valuable way to share our work with young people in both nations and should we come up short, we will personally supplement any funds we raise.

Should we raise more than our target, the money will go towards advertising costs, website design and financial support to participating artists.

We hope to raise the full amount in order to be able to realise our vision and if we are able to do so with your help, we will send you updates every month over from July to September until the exhibitions are over. To give you an idea of what this will involve, here is a break-up of costs.

Travel (Train fares, visa fees):£180

Accommodation and food (5 days): £120

Materials and exhibition costs (3 days): £200


This project simply cannot come together without the help of the support and belief of people like you. Regardless of the sum you contribute, we have several, extremely personal rewards to thank you for choosing to give to our campaign.

Help us succeed!

We understand that it is not always possible to show your support through donations. But we would love it if you took a moment to head over to our website or our facebook page to see what we are doing for yourself!

The more people see our work, the stronger our project grows. So if you know anybody who would appreciate our work, please share this campaign - on facebook, twitter, via email, or simply over a friendly chat! We are a young project born out of passion and a desire to contribute, in our own small way, to creating the world we would like to see. We hope you will join us in this journey.