Somerville20 in 2 days

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This project received pledges on Sat 04 Jul 2015

It's here!

Our flash two-day challenge is here, as we wind up the amazing year that was 2014/15 with a bang.  

Over the next two days we are celebrating some of the amazing achievements and successes of the past 12 months.  And while we are dolling out some well-deserved kudos, we also want to thank the many wonderful and generous alumni who have already made a gift to the College this year.    

As we come to the end of 2014/15 this July, let's honour these amazing commitments and harness the full strength of the Somerville community by showing everyone just what is possible over the next two days!

how you can help

It's a flash fundraising challenge that will help Somerville continue its long tradition of changing lives that change the world. The fact is that the tutorial system is very expensive, and without generous philanthropic support, the College would run an annual deficit. 

But this is about more than just that.  It’s about everyone coming together and supporting one another and honouring what is so special about Somerville. It's about celebrating this unique education and College experience in a way that helps provide the same opportunities for future students. It may not seem like a big gesture, but it really does mean a lot.

The goal is to reach 20% participation in 20 days, and we only need 100 people to make it happen!  If you can make a  £20 gift, or indeed any gift at all, will you join us?  And here is the crucial part, will you spread the word and invite 20 of your closest Somerville friends to follow your lead?  If you really want to get carried away, wear red on Friday.  Go ahead and post a #tbt or a Somerville selfie; we won’t judge.

your participation is so important to all that the college achieves

In addition to providing the incredible financial support that underpins the College’s core activities, it might seem surprising how alumni participation really does come up all of the time. The percentage of alumni who make a gift in a given year offers a quick way for others to gauge the health of our community and the wonderful support alumni share for the College.  And for those who are stretching to achieve a gift that really means a great deal to them, either personally or through a company or trust, it’s a key factor in making that decision. 

#Somerville20 aims to include everyone and to demonstrate the power of joining together to celebrate this unique College, the memories made here and the impact it has throughout our lives. All funds raised will go towards the Annual Fund. You can find out more about the Annual Fund here.   

so who else is doing it?

This year we launched the first ever Leavers’ Gift at Somerville, and a whopping 32% of our finalists made a gift to the Bursary Fund. As students themselves, they can’t make big gifts, but they saw that it was important and they wanted to show their support however they could.  Several first and second year students also pitched in… it was pretty inspiring. 

In Oxford, Somerville participation is higher than almost all of the other former women’s colleges – except for St Hilda’s which made 20% last year.  Univ and Merton hover just north of 30%, and Exeter had a resounding 45% of alumni participating last year.  Well, this is Somerville’s chance to show what we can do.

the wow factor

How can we make sure that #Somerville20 is a big success?  By spreading the word far and fast.

When posting to social media be sure to use the hashtag #Somerville20.  If you haven’t joined Somerville’s Facebook page or Twitter feed, now is the time. You can find us at  and  Follow us for the latest updates.  

Retweet, share and like posts about #Somerville20 and also post your own content.  Here are some samples, but feel free to add your own flair!

  1. Have you heard of #Somerville20? We have 2 days to make 20% happen!  Lead the way & make your gift now.

  1. Just one proud Somervillian making the #Somerville20 happen.

  1. Ok 20 friends, I just did my £20 for #Somerville20.  Are you in?

  1. Giving to make #Somerville20 is not just about making a donation, but making a difference.  Please join me!

thank you

Thank you, thank you.  We just can’t say it enough.  What a way to end another fantastic year at Somerville!

If you're unable to donate via PayPal, please do visit the College website or give us a call on 01865 280626 to make your gift over the phone!

With further thanks to Pauline Chatelan for use of images (BA Modern Languages, 2013)