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A Travel Connection Worth Making

What is Oxchange?

Oxchange makes it easy for you to exchange small amounts of cash for your next trip at the best possible rate, while getting the inside scoop on your destination from fellow travellers. Oxchange your next adventure!

How Will it work?

Why not just go to the bank or the airport?

We've all paid exorbitant rates for foreign currency at the airport. Before your vacation has even started, you're racking up expenses that could be better spent on experiences. Oxchange wants to change all that. By connecting you with travellers in your network, Oxchange brings together those with foreign currency (less than 300 GBP in value) on-hand and those about to head out on a trip. Not only can you grab the cash at the midpoint rate (no fees and no bankers!), but the face-to-face connection allows you to learn more about your destination or to get recommendations from like-minded people. When you get back, Oxchange becomes a place to swap the leftover cash from your trip for local currency and share your best memories. 

We're building Oxchange for the world travellers who are tired of paying fees, tired of stressing out on their trips about changing just the right amount of cash, and tired of letting leftover currency sit in a desk drawer. Be a part of the journey!

Who are we? We're team oxchange!


Five Oxford MBA students, budget travelers struck by wanderlust, frustrated with paying bank and FX fees, found themselves drawn together to help solve their problem. With over 200 countries visited, we're passionate about travel and understand the frustration everyone shares with paying banks to access your own cash abroad. We've had dozens of trades take place on our beta-site for students at the University of Oxford- Said Business School. We want to continue helping students make the most of their budgets and we want to ensure that everyone has access to this platform in the future.                                                                                                

Representing the financial services, marketing, law, IT and operations sectors, our team has the cross-functional know-how and the first hand experience needed to make Oxchange a success. We're not just the creators of Oxchange, we're it's first customers. 

Where will the money We need go?

Oxchange needs your help to build our mobile app and share it around the world. Oxchange will start by building a network of exchange for University of Oxford students and staff before rolling out our app to new markets. 

The funds raised will be contributed towards:

1. Mobile App development (IOS & Android), of which we have costed at £2500. 

2. The remaining £1000 will help us share Oxchange with the world through marketing and advertising efforts. 

If we hit our goals, Oxchange will share the app back with you later this summer. You can keep up with Oxchange through a monthly progress newsletter. 

How we say Thank You

We want to reward everyone who is contributing to the success of Oxchange. Remember to check out the great rewards we are offering you for all your support. 

Help Us Succeed by sharing

Oxchange is built for sharing - your experiences, leftover cash, and memories - and we need you to help spread the word. Please share this project with anyone you think would support us on LinkedIn or Facebook, or get in touch if you have some advice or recommendations for the team.