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Save John Stuart Mill's personal library!

A project by: Somerville Spark


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This project received pledges on Tue 07 Jul 2015

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Saw this mentioned on the Victoria listserve, fyi. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to support this project.

I am very confused about how to pay for my donation. I tried to do so electronically but am not familiar with PayPal. I set up a PayPal account to pay but it seems to need an online banking number which I do not have. Is there an easy way to do this, please? I have spent an hour on this so far. I called PayPal and they don't understand how I am supposed to do to pay for this either! Sue Dawes

I suspect I was admitted to Somerville because of an answer I gave in the general paper of the admissions exam on John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty", which I had read at an impressionable age, so this caught my imagination. I should love to see the library.