Somerville Equalities Week 2016

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Celebrating Somerville's roots in equality and diversity

Somerville Equalities Week 2016

The Somerville Equalities Team are raising £500 for Somerville Equalities Week so we can promote understanding and acceptance in Oxford.


Diversity at Somerville

We are the Somerville Equalities Team, made up of the Ethnic Minorities’, Women’s, Disabilities’, LGBTQ officers, and the JCR President.  On 9th-15th May 2016 we are putting on Somerville Equalities Week, following on from the success of last year.  Since its foundation, Somerville has had a strong ethos of inclusivity, being one of the first all-women colleges in Oxford believing that university education should be open to everyone and we continue to work hard promoting our Access and Outreach programme to help us reach out to pupils from all backgrounds and walks of life.  As well, the college's chapel was founded to be undenominational, and now has talks and services relating to a variety of different faiths.  With a history such as this we, as Somervillians, truly wish to continue this legacy of diversity.  By having Equalities Week this year, we will be able to celebrate our roots and maintain our place at the head of encouraging others to embrace diversity too.

The Equalities Team want to bring to the widest audience possible a week of different events, so that we can raise awareness of current issues relating to race, disability, gender, and sexuality in a way that encourages thought and growth in our community.  All these things are dear to us, especially because of Somerville’s history of pioneering new ways of thinking.  The events which we are hosting will be open to everyone, and will include talks, a film screening, poetry, and much more. We hope to have something for everyone – whether you want to sit back and enjoy or dive straight in.   

Where will your money go?

We are aiming to make as many of our events free as is possible, so that we can reach out to the greatest number of people we can.  The money raised through crowdfunding will go towards getting these events up and running, in ways such as paying for speaker travelling costs, booking venues, buying refreshments, and many more.  Seeing as last year's events were so successful (see picture of fashion show below) we hope to make this year just as good, and perhaps even better.  Through even the smallest donation it will help us to bring the true ethos of Somerville to not only our students but as many people in Oxford as we can!

What can we give you?

As a thank you to the people who donate we have variety of rewards, seen at the side of the page, which will mean that you will be able to be there right with us as Somerville showcases what it has to offer!    

Getting Social!

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter to receive regular updates during the organisation of the week, and the week itself!    

How else you can help!

Tell your friends, tell your boss, tell your mum, tell anyone that Somerville is back for Equalities Week 2016 and we want you to be part of it.   That said, we'd really love it if you could give us money to help enhance this fantastic week, and promote the Somervillian values of equality and diversity! 

 Thank you so very much! 

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The Somerville Equalities Team would like to thank everyone who helped us reach our target and make the week a success. The week was fantastic, with successful events such as a cultural appropriation discussion and talks from Coach Sarah Jauncey and Dr Emily Troscianko providing informative discussions to those across the college. We also successfully raised over £150 for ‘Parasol’, a local Oxford charity who help disabled and disadvantaged children and youth at risk from social exclusion.

None of this would have happened without your help. Thank you again for all your support.

Lots of love

The Somerville Equalities Team xxx

1 year, 2 months ago

Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated, here is the finalised timetable!You can also see all of the events on our facebook page:


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