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Somerville Access Fund

A project by: Somerville JCR Access


WE RAISED £6,889

from 37 donors

This project received pledges on Sun 25 Mar 2018

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Congratulations !

Good luck! One comment as I'm a Director of Development now - every donor, even the $1 donors should receive a handwritten thank you note. Also, I question the use of the word Rewards. Most people aren't motivated to give by a reward, rather by interest in the cause itself. Maybe use Donor Recognition rather than the word rewards? Your cause set up an interesting conversation with my friend group - with the exception of Lisa Gygax who's Irish, the other five of us are all from the north and we couldn't remember many others in our matriculation year who were also from areas like Manchester, Newcastle etc. Anyway, it's a great cause and we are all happy to support it! The Northerners from the Class of 1987!

Such an important project, best of luck!